Adventurous Pets provides a wide array of pet relocation services in order to accomodate all your needs. Need special accommodations? Feel free to reach out via our Contact page.

What We Offer

Pet Transport Options

Whether you need to get your pets to a local destination or across the country, our selection of services has you covered.

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Local Taxi

Need to get your pet to a local destination? We can take your pet to places like the vet, groomer, or airport. This service is perfectly suited for busy individuals who don’t have the time to take their loved one places.

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Flight Companion

Your pet (under 20 pounds) will fly with one of our companions to anywhere in the world, in the CABIN of the airplane. We cannot understate that your pet will not go in the cargo hold of the airplane.
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Nationwide Ground Transport

For larger pets and those that need to go long distances, our nationwide ground transport service is for you. Your pet will ride with one of our experienced handlers to its destination anywhere in the United States.

Benefits of Pet Relocation

Why Choose Adventurous Pets?

There are many reasons why you should choose us to handle relocating your pets. Given our breadth of experience, we make the process stress-free and seamless.

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Want to Learn More?

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